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Neighbors helping neighbors  

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Dear Neighbor,

We donít necessarily see it. Families donít talk about it, but they are living in quiet and critical need. They are our neighbors.

We are writing to ask for your support of Westwood Community Chest (ďWCCĒ),  a  volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization that serves our neighbors in need by providing temporary financial assistance. WCC pays the bills of neighbors, so they can meet basic needs - medical bills, housing payments, and ever-increasing utility payments. 

We also provide summer campership grants to school-aged children. All WCC funds are distributed directly to the company, service provider or camp. Who do we help? Every week, WCC helps families and individuals who apply, including:

 => Seniors living alone on a fixed income struggling to make a housing payment, so they can stay in the home and the community they love;

 => Families that are dealing with prolonged unemployment;

 => Families where a sudden debilitating or terminal illness has caused medical bills to pile up and jobs to be put on hold;

 => Single parents struggling to work multiple jobs to support their family and wanting to make sure their children have a safe place to go to after school or in the summer;

 => Individuals unable to pay their oil bill so they can fill the empty oil tank before the cold weather arrives;

WCC works closely with our six liaisons from town organizations who help us identify families at risk and connect them with resources to address their critical needs. Throughout this assessment and our application process, all applicant information is kept private and strictly confidential.

In the past fiscal year, WCC awarded $59,000 in aid to 100 households. Westwood Community Chestís goal this year is to raise over $60,000. Wonít you help us reach our goal? Thereís an old saying that charity begins at home. This is our  home! 

Please make your tax-deductible donation to WCC today and help the people in need, right here in our town.


Your WCC
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Print out the pledge form below~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

print and include with your check

Your Name: _________________________________________________________

Your Address: ________________________________________________________

  Pledge amount:   ____ $25     ____ $50     ____ $100     ____ $500     ____ OTHER

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  Checks should be made payable to the Westwood Community Chest.

Your donation makes a huge difference in the lives we touch.

Mail your check today to:   

Westwood Community Chest
PO Box 250
Westwood, MA 02090